BW100-5 type mortar pump is a single cylinder single acting reciprocating horizontal grouting pump.
BW100-5 type mortar pump is a new generation of high pressure and large displacement of our company in recent years the development of large sand mortar pump, the pump with large flow system and the ability to absorb high performance and large particles, effectively prevent blockage of large particles of sand, and the adjustable pressure limiting unloading valve structure, safe and convenient, high quality and durable.










Main features:
 1, the pump uses a large flow system, effectively prevent the large particles of sand and gravel blockage phenomenon. 
2, the installation of hanging rack in the boat, easy to move on the site. 
3, using an adjustable pressure limiting unloading valve structure, regardless of what kind of grouting engineering, the valve can be adjusted to the required maximum pressure can be adjusted in the range of 0.5-5MPa. When the grouting pressure exceeds the set value, the relief valve opens and the slurry returns to the slurry tank. The quality of the project is not caused by overpressure, and the equipment and pipeline are protected. 








4, the pump uses a double suction inlet, the main suction inlet for cement slurry suction mouth, the Deputy suction mouth for water intake. When the pump halfway down a long time, you can open the water valve at any time to clean the flow channel, so that the pump does not cause the deposition of cement slurry blocking. The structure of the double suction inlet can be adapted to the engineering of some double liquid grouting. 
5, the plunger uses a multi-channel multi-level seal, the ball valve with a high hardness of the ball valve, so that the main vulnerable parts of life greatly extended.
 6, high suction performance and large particles through the ability to make large particles of sand (6mm total content of less than 5%) can be a smooth delivery.

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Main purposes: 
1, for the reservoir, river dam, dam dam and dam foundation cracks, loose layer, cave filled with the cement mortar. 
2, bolt grouting cement mortar. 
3, tunnel engineering cement mortar. 
4, underground continuous wall perfusion cement mortar. 
5, Luqiao highway combined with grouting, in order to achieve the purpose of consolidation, leakage prevention. 
6, can also be used for conveying slurry mixing lime slurry, clay mortar, cement mortar and other solid-liquid phase other water facilities construction. This series of pumps and mixer combination, in the construction process can be continuous pulping and transport.  

Main technical parameters: