It is used for grouting mortar, slurry, cement slurry, in highway, railway, tunnel and construction project.It is  light , low pressure, speed  and reverse, low failure rate and so on.



(1) Extrusion injection pump has a compact structure, easy to use, safe and easy to repair
(2) high pressure, high efficiency,extensive  use;
(3) It not only can  pour grey mud,  watery slurry, but coupled with air compressor and spray gun to spray operations;
(4)It is  the ideal equipment for  the mine shaft, railways, highways, tunnels, hydropower engineering, rock slopes, underground engineering, chemical  engineering blast furnace repair and building wall spraying .


working principle:
The variable speed motor connects directly extrusion injection through cycloid wheel,  fixed electric control box’s suction tube connected with the squeeze tube,grout after the expiration of suction.
(1) As the extrusion tube was U pipe, it  connected to the bottom of suction pipe, through the pressure gauge assembly connect the pipe;
(2) when the extrusion wheel rotates, the extrusion roller along the extrusion tube rotates as the way of the planet, and pressure in the extrusion tube for automatic rolling, squeeze the slurry of the tube  expel along the delivery pipe;
(3)after  the squeeze wheel, the squeeze tube forms a vacuum, the pulp slurry tank by negative pressure, the suction pipe was sucked into the extrusion tube, so that the extrusion of the border achieves the slurry inhalation and discharge







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