single-cylinder has two functions, piston reciprocating, which can make the two liquid suction and repulsion each is driven by hydraulic pressure, which is reliable and has high pumping pressure.




JYZ – 4 s series hydraulic grouting pump is widely used in tunnels, subways and other underground engineering waterproof, large fault, karst cave, highway foundation reinforcement, plugging and hydropower dam reinforcement, block off of coal mine gas and roadway, collapse repair, the ground buildings ,foundation reinforcement, slope bolt support and other grouting constructions, this series of products has many advantages, such as advanced technology, simple operation, perfect function.










ZYB – 70/80 series hydraulic grouting pump is widely used in the pumping and pressure grouting of cement paste, the yellow mud, sodium silicate, oil and water and other medium, two medium can pump through it at the same time, it also can pump one medium. It is suitable for all kinds of construction engineering, municipal engineering, tunnel engineering, mine, oil, etc..















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