small volume, light , non- overload. It can be used safely in the inflammable,explosive, strong magnetic, radiation, dust, large temperature difference and rain water.




The product has unique design , beautiful shape, compact structure, small volume, light, and it’s simple to use, easy to carry, convenient to maintenance, can be synchronous double fluid grouting slurry ratio of 1:1, are safe used in flammable, explosive, strong magnetic, radiation, much dust and rain water establishments. it’s especially suitable for the coal mine of double liquid grouting hole sealing.

1, the pump has advanced structure , the rated output of high pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, easy to move, convenient to operate and maintenance;

2,the function is full,which can inject single-component slurry, can also be a two-component injection grout;it can be either chemical grout injection, also can cement and other slurry;Each cylinder synchronization work, mixing ratio can be adjusted, mixing evenly;And can serve as emulsion pump, hydraulic pump, etc., used for other occasions;

3, safe,it can use safely in larger changes of inflammable, explosive, temperature, humidity places.


































4, small volume, light, easy to transport,and it’s  fit for multipoint grouting of moving frequently.

5,as it is pneumatic transmission, pump's performance is very suitable for low grouting pressure with big flow, and grouting pressure with small flow rate condition.

6, because of using pneumatic transmission, it can also be used in inflammable, high explosive, such as large water spray, dust environment.

7, under the condition of slurry that is not very strict than available time,it can realize double fluid grouting pump, reduce construction equipment purchase.


Pneumatic injection pump is mainly used in coal mine, iron ore and other wall waterproofing, grouting reinforcement engineering, subway, tunnel, water conservancy, construction and other water plugging and broken rock grouting consolidation project. The pump’s power is from compressed air as power.
















small volume, light , non- overload. It can be used safely in the inflammable, explosive, strong magnetic, radiation, dust, large temperature difference and rain water.


with compressed air as power, pneumatic injection pump can make smaller pressure  produce high injection pressure by the large area ratio of mine pneumatic pump cylinder and grouting.


suitable for grouting and water plugging, gaps’ filling, broken rock engineering reinforcement of mines, tunnels, buildings, Bridges, water conservancy, subway construction sites such as.