compact structure, reliable operation, low failure rate.

Cleaning and maintenance convenience and high pumping pressure, etc.




  1. The belt and a pair of gear motor rotary motion to the crankshaft, then via connecting rod, cross-head, piston reciprocating motion, gear box is closed, splash lubrication by using the moving parts.
  2. mortar by suction valve through a pump cylinder pressure to discharge air, in the air chamber is equipped with leakage of slurry valve and pressure safety device.
  3.  piston pump adopts the electric automatic control safety device.

 when the air chamber pressure exceed the rated working pressure,it cut off the main mainstream circuit via controlling circuit, stopping the machine automatically  running.

More pictures of the piston grout


Prestressed grouting machine,which is also called piston pump, it can convey mud, yellow mud, sodium silicate, oil water and other media, and it also can  convey medium alone. It can be widely used in tunnels, coal mining working surface grouting water plugging, wall rock and concrete grouting, plugging water tunnel cracks, crushing of rock mass, evacuate the reinforcement of the rock reinforcement, anchoring grouting, backfill grouting and prevent the surface subsidence, landslides, and correct buildings deflection of grouting, etc..











 1)Wrapped by proctective film;

  2)Packed by standard import & export wooden cases or carton boxes.


By logistics; by automobile; by train; by shipping; by air etc.


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