FQW  pneumatic submersible vortex pump is a new pump with air turbine as drive,the compressed air  as power, it is mainly used in the coal mine, mine development,shaft construction, drainage of the basement engineering construction.




  pneumatic submersible vortex pump  is mainly composed of pump casing, pump shaft, turbine, the speed limit and quieter parts, pump shell consists of pump cover, pump body.Turbine is composed of blade, wheel shell and wheel core, hydraulic seal adopts two skeleton oil seal enclosed seal.

With compressed air as power : compressed air comes into air duct, the nozzle goes into the turbine gas chamber,thus drive pump shaft wheel rotate  for drainage works.And gas exhaust from quieter exhaust hood , quieter can absorb part of the enclosure noise, greatly reduces harm from the noise .When the water depth is more than the height of water pump, duct connected to the inner 2 1/2 inch diameter hose, exhaust more gas into the air. 

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